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Xintong Craft Gift Co.,LTD is a Limited Liability company of professional production Handmade Graft. The company operates in these major lines of business:Mushroom birds,Feather butterflies and other kinds of materials decoration butterflies and insects.
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  • 22 2021.01
    In recent years, driven by commercial interests, there have been some unhealthy trends in the domestic culture and arts community, such as the proliferation of various selection activities, the relationship during the selection process, and the number of people's votes, and the arts and crafts community has not been spared. These phenomena directly affect the standards and credibility of art judgments, which in turn hinder the healthy development of the arts and crafts industry. "Zhengyan Cup", as the highest level award for Fujian's arts and crafts, has maintained its public welfare and authoritative principles since its inception. As a representative of the art critics, the reporter participated in this award and fully felt the fairness and strictness of the organizing committee. Cultural Improvement Leading the Industry Transformation The current "Shengyan Cup" was exhibited in Putian Arts and Crafts City and was held at the same time as the 10th China (Putian) Strait Arts & Crafts Fair. During the awards period, the reporter visited the Art Fair and had in-depth exchanges with some exhibitors and artists. The topics most talked about when people meet are the current low status of artworks and handicrafts, and how the industry will transform and find a way out. A Dehua porcelain master told reporte
  • 04 2021.01
    Contemporary handicrafts are at a low position. "The contemporary handicraft market is like the real estate market in 2002. It has unlimited potential. But if you really want to invest, you still need a certain amount of money. It is not as cheap as some people think." Many people think of handicrafts as they think of the portrayed porcelain vases, the inferior imitation jewellery on the stalls in the tourist shops, etc. It is not called handicrafts, but it is only the products that the technicians mold the templates to the factory for mass production. , Then the works that you do yourself are called handicrafts. In foreign countries, it is normal for a contemporary arts and crafts boutique to sell hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars. Therefore, we must clarify the concept of both. At the beginning of the interview, Guo Xin interpreted the misunderstanding about the collection of handicrafts in one breath. Compared with the traditional antique crafts, the current price of the fine arts and crafts products reserves considerable space for future gains. : "Favorites can't always look back. They need to change the notion of new ideas. [Currently, contemporary handicrafts have developed very well in the mainland. The lacquer paintings by Joe Shiguang, the glass art by Zhuang Xiaowei, and the ceramic works by Chen Guangxuan have already begun to appear in the major auction sites. Sotheby`s Hong Kong Contemporary Chinese Art According to Lin Jiaru, who is in charge, the current collectors coming from the Mainland are ag
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